Trusted Partner Legal in Claims Administration

If you have ever received a postcard in the mail that states you were one of the co-plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit, then you received the correspondence from a legal claims administration firm

The postcard requested that you send the postcard back in and after a couple of years, you received a check as part of the settlement

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Class Action

You need an experienced legal claims administrator to handle class action administration. Wilshire West has earned a strong reputation for delivering quality and transparency.

Whether your case involves a little more than one thousand dollars or several million dollars, Wilshire West makes the commitment to keep you informed during every legal step that concerns your case.

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Mass Tort

Wilshire West uses the latest technology to monitor mass tort administration cases.

You never want to visit one legal claims administration firm for one mass tort service and the visit a second legal claims administration firm because the first firm does not handle the second service you need.

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Restructuring When your business heads south, many legal claims administration firms like to persuade clients to file for bankruptcy. However, Wilshire West does not advocate for bankruptcy in some cases.

In fact, we stand out from other firms because we discover the best reorganization strategy

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