Major financial challenges require immense internal strength to survive. The prospect of losing everything dominates the thought process throughout the day. Trying to turn around the financial fortune of your business might require reorganization to ensure long lasting financial health. For some businesses, reorganization may occur before any signs of bankruptcy appear, while other businesses find that reorganization during the bankruptcy process represents the best solution.

You have to overcome considerable financial obstacles to return your business to vibrant financial health. The last thing you need to worry about is handling the seemingly insurmountable amount of paperwork mandated by the legal system.

Wilshire West implements a comprehensive approach for handling reorganization administrations. We work with clients ranging from proprietors to multi national corporations. Wilshire West offers highly rated reorganization services that involve Chapter 7 liquidations, chapter 9 restructurings, chapter 11 reorganizations, chapter 15 cross-border proceedings, Creditors’ Committee assistance, and out-of-court corporate restructurings. Our team has handled high-profile bankruptcy cases in the United States that have involved billions of dollars in liabilities

Here is a summary of what Wilshire West does to get your business back on the right financial track:

Understanding the Different Chapters

The first thing our team of legal administrators does is educate our clients about the differences in the legal Chapters of financial reorganization. Chapter 7 involves the liquidation of business assets to reduce or eliminate debt. Chapter 9 reorganizations require the services of a legal administration team that files the correct paperwork for creditor notices and monetary disbursements. Wilshire West sets the standard for Chapter 11 administration by providing superior solicitation services that include soliciting votes on Chapter 11 filed plans of reorganization. Chapter 15 administration serves companies that conduct business within the United States and at least one other country. You need an experienced team of legal administrators to navigate the complicated field of different national bankruptcy laws.

How Wilshire West Helps Businesses Overcome Financial Turmoil

Business reorganization disrupts the lives of everyone that works for a company. The threat of unemployment causes most employees to lose focus on the bigger picture, which is to reorganize the business for long-term viability. You need an experienced team of legal administrators that keep your business on the path towards financial solvency

This is where we come in.

By combining our expertise and years of experience, we discover the root of the financial crisis. From here, we meet with company personnel to design and execute a plan of action. This includes reducing business debt, restructuring public bonds, downsizing company departments, and reallocating the value of the business appropriately among its shareholders.

We assess the history of your business, analyze the industry that your company operates, investigate the finances of your company, and design a plan that helps your business acquire the financial resources needed for reorganization

What Our Clients Can Expect

We provide you with direct negotiations regarding debt settlement, as well as assist with any liquidation of non-vital company assets. We do this with the utmost integrity, credibility, and confidentiality. Our collaborative approach ensures a rapid implementation of your uniquely designed business reorganization plan. With the support from your company and adherence to our reorganization guidelines, you can expect to see vast improvements in the financial health of your business within a short period.

No matter the size of your company or the extent of your financial burden, we dedicate our mission to helping businesses reorganize for a return to strong financial health.