Wilshire West uses the latest technology to monitor mass tort administration cases.

You never want to visit one legal claims administration firm for one mass tort service and the visit a second legal claims administration firm because the first firm does not handle the second service you need.

Overview of What We Do

Wilshire West offers a wide variety of services and implements the most advanced technology to handle mass tort administration cases. As your one-stop legal claims administration firm, we navigate your leads, from the initial intake through qualification.

We perform medical records reviews, vet discovery requirements, help you move towards settlement, and resolve any liens. Wilshire West provides affordable, high-quality service for every case we handle. Our team of highly rated consultants possesses a deep knowledge of the unique client needs that derive from mass tort administration.

We can handle all of your mass tort administration requirements or perform specific services that match your legal administration needs.

Mass Tort Services

Mass tort cases often involve a complicated set of compliance rules, ethics, and unique regulatory issues, all of which we handle with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. We take on cases that pertain to personal injury cases for individuals, as well as cases that affect the well-being of the public.

No matter the size or complexity of the mass tort litigation, we are adept at bringing justice, vindication, and retribution. As such, we are committed to staying updated on the impacts that new technology and scientific developments have on mass tort litigation. This helps us to provide a cutting-edge service when it comes to mass tort services.

How We Handle Clients

Wilshire West operates efficient mass tort administration services that include community outreach and screening programs. Our goal remains retaining every client prospect that comes through our doors or contacts the firm online. Read the client testimonials that clearly mention why our clients stay with us to the very end of their mass tort cases.

Our client cases include:

  • Calling campaigns conducted by friendly customer service professionals
  • A contact center that operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week
  • Dedicated technology professionals that handle text and email messages
  • Consistent follow up on each case to maximize our stellar potential client conversion rate

List of Claims Our Clients Can Make

When it comes to making claims, our mass tort

administration specialists handle the following types of cases:

In the event of medication or other FDA related products or commodities found to violate FDA rules and regulations, the continued use or marketing of such products may result in huge mass tort litigation.

We are committed to maintaining a society and community that places health as the top consumer priority. We walk with you every step of the way by paying attention to the finer details and ensuring all processes and information meet legal standards.

Across the nation, lawyers specializing in mass tort litigation either participate or receive information about the four most prevalent mass tort cases.

  • Xarelto-a blood thinner linked to uncontrollable internal bleeding and even death in patients
  • Zofran-an illegally marketed anti-nausea drug presented to pregnant women which often results in the birth of deformed babies
  • Syngenta-False allegations that the Department of Agriculture approved M1R161 corn for export. The result has been a large rejection of the corn resulting in global corn prices falling dramatically.
  • IVC filters-Temporarily fit into the large vein, as a means of transporting deoxygenated blood to the heart. Unfortunately, the filters may cause fractures, migrations, or puncturing of the heart and lungs.

The Retrieval and Review of Medical Records

Wilshire West streamlines the medical records review process by quickly retrieving client medical records and preparing medical bookmarking to expedite the mass tort claim process. We perform meticulous reviews for proof of use and injury. Our team of experiences mass tort administrators also manages additional medical record requests made by either the plaintiff or defendant.

Preparing the Plaintiff Fact Sheet

Our plaintiff fact sheet preparation includes:

  • Streamlining cure process to complete plaintiff fact sheets
  • Allocate significant resources that allow for the culmination of a large number of contracted timetables
  • Thoroughly process each plaintiff fact sheet to ensure accuracy

Complex mass tort administration cases require you to rely on experienced administrators to handle your claim. Wilshire West has earned the reputation of delivering superior mass tort administration services, in the fraction of the time it takes other firms to process mass tort claims.