Wilshire West offers full lien resolution services that include prompt lien identification and professional negotiation services. Our team of legal claim administration experts provides a wide variety of lien resolution services that meet the legal needs of all parties involved. Our vast experience handling lien resolution cases means we always research the latest changes in federal laws, such Medicaid and Medicare Secondary Payer Act. We handle military liens, as well as lien resolutions that fall within ERISA/Private Healthcare.

By offering a comprehensive set of lien resolution services, we reduce or even eliminate the frustration experienced by trial attorneys that have to deal with lien resolution cases.

The Types of Cases Wilshire West Handles

Personal injury and medical malpractice represent the two most common types of cases our team of lien resolution specialists handle. When attorneys litigate personal injury and medical malpractice cases, they must discover and resolve any liens related to the cost of health care. We relieve attorneys of the time-consuming burden of discovering and resolving outstanding liens in an effective and efficient manner. Moreover, our team of lien resolution experts also investigates whether the defendant owes lien holders money.

Nursing Home Abuse and Persistent Neglect

The rapid increase in the elderly population caused by baby boomers living longer than any other generation has produced an equally rapid rise in nursing home abuse and persistent neglect cases. Medicare benefits pay for a large percentage of nursing home costs and some nursing home residents receive some form of Medicaid benefits. Our team of legal claims administrators aggressively investigates nursing homes to distinguish between neglected patients and patients that have received standard care. We negotiate recovery awards that both the claimant and lien holder believe is fair.

Here are some other lien resolution cases that Wilshire West successfully pursues:

The aging of America has also increased the number of pharmaceutical cases attorneys handle in the United States. Many of the drugs approved by the FDA or sold over the counter come with a disclaimer that lists the side effects of taking the drugs. In many cases, the side effects outweigh the benefits. Wilshire West takes care of the lien resolutions involved in drug company product liability cases, especially cases that include thousands of plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit.

Meet Our Lien Resolution Team

Our team of lien resolution specialists comes from a number of industries, with the legal and healthcare industries well represented in the lien resolution group. Some members of the lien resolution group at Wilshire West have worked in the insurance and lien resolution industries. We operate on the principle that drawing from a wide variety of professional experiences makes our team much stronger handling complicated lien resolutions cases. By working with our team of lien resolution specialists, you can expect to receive the optimal outcome that resolves the most difficult to understands liens.