Wilshire West receives dozens request each year to file legal notices on behalf of attorneys and individual clients. Legal notices fall within three broad categories:

Court notices inform the public about the specifics of a legal action, such as the posting of a probate on an estate. Business notices alert the public about government contracts and purchases, as well as the creation of businesses. Citizen involvement legal notices inform you of public hearings that address a wide variety of legal issues.

Wilshire West takes care of the proper filing of legal notices in all three categories. We work with both attorneys and individual clients to follow the proper legal protocol for drafting and filing legal notices.

What is a Legal Notice?

A legal notice informs a defendant of your intent to file a civil lawsuit. After considering settling out of court, a legal notice represents the first step to seek financial reparations in a United States court of law. Settling a legal disagreement out of court can include arbitration, mediation, or negotiation with the other business or individual. In some cases, filing a lawsuit costs more money than the net value of a financial settlement. However, whenever negotiation, mediation, or arbitration fail to resolve your legal differences, the only other option for receiving compensation involves serving a legal notice.

A legal notice must include the following:

  • Concise statement that presents the material facts
  • The amount of relief sought by the plaintiff
  • Summary of the legal reasons for serving the notice

How to File a Legal Notice

Filing a legal notice requires you to address the notice to the person or business that you want to receive the legal notice. You have to include the reason behind the legal notice filing, as well as offer a reasonable period in which you expect to settle the legal dispute. Send the legal notice through a registered AD post and make sure to keep a copy of the notice receipt. We strongly advise our clients to draft a legal notice with the help of an attorney. Although Wilshire West walks clients through the legal notice drafting process, our specialty is ensuring your legal notice follows all of the legal criteria mandated for proper filing.

The Rise of Litigation

The rapid rise in the number of civil lawsuits has increased the demand for expert legal claims administration services. In many case, failure to dot an “I” or cross a “T” leads to adjudicators failing to recognize the legality of a legal notice. Because of the increase in civil lawsuits, some clients of ours opt to serve legal documents that state the intention of filing a legal notice in the near future. Federal statutes also prompt some of our clients to file paperwork that spells out intent to file a legal notice.

The complexity of filing legal notices should prompt you to hire a qualified legal claims administration firm. However, you need to consider collaborating with a legal claims administration firm that has established a proven record of filing legal notices in a timely and accurate manner. Wilshire West has earned the reputation among clients and attorneys for exceeding the legal requirements for ensuring the accurate drafting and filing of legal notices.

Never allow a novice handle your legal notices. Contact Wilshire West to learn more about our legal notice services.