Wilshire West consists of a tightly knit team of seasoned legal claims administrators that leave no stone unturned in handling mass tort, class action, government regulatory, and business restructuring cases. Our industry leading case settlement record and cutting edge technology have created a loyal base of attorney clients, as well as do it yourself individuals that want nothing but the best legal claims representation.

Our client base includes both plaintiff and defendant attorneys in civil cases. Our ability to work both sides of the legal aisle make Wilshire West a popular choice for large law firms that handle a wide variety of legal claims. We also work closely with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to settle claims running from a few thousand dollars to billions of dollars that impact millions of people.

We have earned the reputation throughout the legal profession for providing the most efficient, responsive, and comprehensive legal claims administration services in the United States. From filing timely legal notices to accurately reviewing complex medical records, our team of industry leading administrators excels in virtually every type of legal claim administration service.